Step-by-step guide: Easily place your Tee Rail order with NARP

Is it time to replace your Tee Rail or buy new ones for your new rail line? You can choose Tee Lines and other rail products that suit your unique needs and specifications. 

You should know a few dimensions and measurements when ordering Tee Rails to ensure you order the correct size. 

What are Tee Rails?

Tee Rails are used to construct railroad tracks. They help guide trains along the tracks by supporting tremendous wheel pressure. They are affixed to the railroad ties with various possible fasteners. 

These steel rails can be used in various rail transportation systems, including high-speed rail, light overhead cranes, mining tracks, warehouse retrieval systems, and similar applications. The Tee Rail you choose should be suited to the application. 

Each Tee rail contains three main parts:

  • Head (HW): the top portion of the rail
  • Foot (BW): the bottom of the rail that provides stability
  • Web (W): Thinner section of steel that connects the head to the foot (measured at the center point)
tee rail

Other dimensions that may apply to your rails are shown in the above diagram and include:

  • HT: the full height of the rail
  • E: Bolt hole elevation
  • HD: Depth of the head
  • FD: Depth of the fishing (the height of the web section)
  • BD: Depth of the based

What information you need to order Tee Rails

Here’s a list of dimensions and specifications you should know when ordering Tee Rails. 

Weight (lbs. per yard)

Tee Rails are measured by the weight of a three-foot section of rail. They commonly weigh 12-140 lb per yard.

Type of Tee Rail and section designation (ASCE, ARA-A, AREA…)

Your rails may be created to specific standards, including ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers). These are commonly categorized as ASCE 25, ASCE 30, ASCE 40, and ASCE 60, referring to their suitability for usage.

For example:

  • ASCE 25 rails are lighter weight (25 lbs per yard) and are ideal for low-speed applications
  • ASCE 30 are heavier (30 lbs per yard) and suitable for moderate-speed applications
  • ASCE 40 are 40 lbs per yard can handle heavy-haul loads or high-speed transportation. 

Other rail designations come from the American Rail Association(ARA). ARA-A rails are of higher grade and ideal for high-speed transportation, and ARA-B rails are best suited to heavy loads at low speeds. The American Railway Engineering Association (AREA) also has designations for Tee Rails.

Drilling and Bolt Hole Size

If you require any drilling for track fasteners or other attachments, it’s essential to know the exact dimensions and locations of each bolt size.  

The total length of Tee rail required and a specific number of lengths required

Whether you are ordering by length or number of units, it’s essential to know the length of rail required and, when possible, the number of lengths. Most Tee Rails come in a standard length of 39 feet. 

The number of pairs of matching joint bars needed

Joint bars hold two ends of a rail in place, ensuring safe and continuous rail lines. Be sure to indicate how many matching joint bars you require for your line. 

A list of accessories that you may need

Do you need any other rail accessories? Ask your Tee Rail manufacturer about other track materials you may need, such as spikes or bolts, rail braces, derails, tie plates, bumping posts, and more. 

Identify special drilling or cuts required

Your manufacturer can help ensure any special drilling or cuts are made before delivery. Send them accurate specifications for the exact placement and dimensions of any sections requiring unique cuts. 

If you’re unsure how to spec your tee rail product order, contact an NARP rep who can help you determine your needs. 

Where to buy Tee Rails

You can choose your Tee rail by the piece, foot, or per net ton. At NARP, we supply new and used Tee Rail (known as relay rail). Relay rails can be a more cost-effective option when the expected speed and traffic frequency are minimal. 

NARP has a variety of Tee Rails in stock. Whether you’re looking for new or relay rails, we have you covered. Contact us to order your Tee Rails or if you have any questions regarding the rail products available from NARP.