Crane Rail Ordering Guide


Crane Rails are used on tramways or light rail operations.

They are generally used to carry heavy loads at relatively slow speeds. It is similar to Tee Rail but has a thicker web and larger head. If you operate a tramway operation or light rail transit (LRT) operation, as is the case in many metro areas, crane rails are often the preferred rail type to ensure your track continues to run smoothly. NARP’s inventory includes various sizes of crane rail.

    Ordering Tee Rails

    When ordering Crane Rail, these specifications first need to be determined:

    1. The identity of a rail section
    2. The total length of rail required and a specific number of lengths required
    3. The number of pairs of matching joint bars needed
    4. The number of machine bolts and spring washers
    5. A list of accessories that may be needed
    6. Identify special drilling or cuts required

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