Turnouts and Switches

We have an impressive selection of track tools and other track materials.

North American Rail Products has the turnouts and switches you need for your rail project whether it’s for heavy haul, industrial rail or lighter trackwork.

Switch Stands

(Also known as switch controls) Switch stands are manually operated mechanical devices used to move a switch between its positions. There are several styles available, so please contact one of our sales managers for availability. North American Rail Products sells new, relay or reconditioned switch stands to suit your needs.

Switch Rods

(Also known as adjustable Switch Rods)
We supply new or relay switch rods.

Connecting Rods

The connection to the switch stand. Available in varying lengths as new or relay.

Turnouts and Switch components

(Also known as switch point protectors) North American Rail Products sells new switch point guards only.

(Also known as switch points, switch rails, point rails) Turnouts are arrangements of speciality parts designed to allow rail equipment to move from one track to another. North American Rail Products has a wide variety of turnout points for a variety of rail applications. We sell turnout points as new, relay and reconditioned.