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Tee Rail Ordering Guide

T Rail Ordering Charts


Tee Rails are classified by pounds per yard. We have an inventory on a variety of tee rails. We sell Tee Rail per piece, per foot or per net ton. While we sell new Tee Rail, we also have a variety of good quality Relay Rail, available, we can also handle scrap rail processing.



When ordering Tee Rail, these specifications first need to be determined:

  1. Weight (lbs. per yard)
  2. Section Designation (ASCE, ARA-A, AREA…)
  3. Lengths needed Drilling Pattern – Drilling and Bolt Hole Size
  4. The total length of rail required and specific number of lengths required
  5. The number of pairs of matching joint bars needed
  6. A list of accessories that may be needed
  7. Identify special drilling or cuts required


Ordering Tee Rails

By referring to the dimensional diagrams shown here, the weight and type of most rail can be identified.


Tee Rail Supplier Canada


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Tee Rail Sizing and Specifications - NARP

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