Tie Plugs for Railways – Rail Tie Plugs

Tie Plugs

(Also known as wooden Tie Plugs) Tie plugs are used when replacing ties to plug holes on the ties. North American Rail Products sells these wooden tie plugs in new condition only.

Where spikes were once used to fill and fasten cross ties on railways, modern rail applications demand that tie plugs are used in place of spikes. Typically, tie plugs are sold in bundles of larger quantities, as clients usually demand tip plugs in bulk quantities.

Available in a variety of sizes and of various materials, at North American Rail Products, we’re sure to carry the exact type of wooden tie plugs you need to move forward with your railway operations. If you have any questions about what our tie plugs are made from, or the sizes available of our tie plugs, call us today and we’ll get you the information you need!