Portable Derails – Rail Products and Materials

Portable Derail (Red)

Portable Derails are a rail safety device designed to limit the movement of a car/train beyond a fixed point. Portable Derails are not left in place as are Derails and they are re-usable. NARP supplies new Portable Derails only.

As is the case in common North American practice, derails and portable derails are defaulted to the “On” position, seeing as the consequences of unauthorized or dangerous rail traffic proceeding past a derail position is considerably higher than having such rail traffic proceed with the derail. Considering this, portable derails are an extremely popular rail product, in prevalent use across North America. The bonus of having portable derail products is that they are reusable, and as their name suggests, transferrable to different locations along a given railway.

Portable derails are an essential safety product for all types of railway, and at North American Rail Products, we’re pleased to help you select the portable derail best suited for your applications. Call us today and we’ll help answer any questions you may have about portable derails.