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Hook Twin Tie Plates

Hook Twin Tie plates are used for behind the heel of switches, guard rails and for frogs. Their versatility allows them to fit most rail sections. We supply hook twin tie plates in both new and relay conditions.

The versatility of hook twin tie plates means that they are widely used throughout North America for standard rail sections. Part of their versatility comes from the pre-drilled slotted holes, allowing hook twin tie plates to fit almost any section of rail available in North America. Typically, hook twin tie plates come in three varietes of hooks:

  • Low, or Type L
  • Low Reverse, or Type LR
  • High, Type H

If you think your rail operation needs to replace or add new hook twin tie plates, contact North American Rail Products today. Our rail experts will help explain which type of hook twin tie plates are best suited to your needs, and provide you with exactly what you need.