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NARP has Railway Ties

Looking for Railway ties?
We got them. Lots of them.
NARP carries a variety of lengths and species; concrete, wood
and steel. Contact one of our NARP Sales Managers for more
information or to place an order.

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NARP has a huge inventory of railway ties


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Lap Switch

North American Rail products ‘Pre-Plates’ its own manufactured trackwork!
Check out this LAP Switch that we have just finished manufacturing and pre-plating, ready for delivery to one of our clients.

For more information on NARP’s manufacturing visit:https://www.narailproducts.com/products/manufacturing/NARP created a custom switch for its customer

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Tee Rails

Tee Rails are the rails used for railroad use. Tee rails are classified by pounds per yard. We have an inventory on a variety of tee rails. We sell tee rail per piece, per foot or per net ton. While we sell new tee rail, we also have a variety of good quality used rail, called relay rail, available, as well as scrap tee rail.

See our Tee Rail Order Guide for more information

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Crane Rails

Crane Rails are used on tramways or light rail operations. North American Rail Products inventory includes various sizes of crane rail. If you operate a tramway operation or light rail transit (LRT) operation, as is the case in many metro areas, crane rails are often the preferred rail type to ensure your track continues to run smoothly.

North American Rail Products proudly stocks crane rails of multiple sizes, ensuring that our customers are never disappointed when looking for a specific size or type of crane rail. If you have questions about any crane rail applications, call us today and one of our experts will be pleased to help answer any questions you may have!

See our Crane Rail ordering guide for the required specifications.


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Adjustable Rail Braces

Adjustable rail braces are a unique rail material that is designed to adjust for various rail applications. Adjustable rail braces can be adjusted quickly and easily, saving time and money on maintenance and service.

The versatility of adjustable rail braces ensure that they are a required rail products for any modern railway operation. If you have any questions about this or would like to know more about how adjustable rail braces can be applied to fit your needs, contact us at North American Rail Products today.


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Fish Plates / Splice Bars / Joint Bars / Crane Rail Plates

North American Rail products is a proud supplier of fish plates as well as splice bars, joint bars and crane rail plates for tee rail applications and crane rail applications. These fish plates, crane rail plates, splice bars and joint bars are bolted to the ends of two rails, joining them together to ensure a safe and continuous rail line. These products are intended for a variety of railroad rail sections.

We sell splice bars in new and relay conditions.

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