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Tie Plugs

(Also known as wooden Tie Plugs) Tie plugs are used when replacing ties to plug holes on the ties. North American Rail Products sells these wooden tie plugs in new condition only.

Where spikes were once used to fill and fasten cross ties on railways, modern rail applications demand that tie plugs are used in place of spikes. Typically, tie plugs are sold in bundles of larger quantities, as clients usually demand tip plugs in bulk quantities.

Available in a variety of sizes and of various materials, at North American Rail Products, we’re sure to carry the exact type of wooden tie plugs you need to move forward with your railway operations. If you have any questions about what our tie plugs are made from, or the sizes available of our tie plugs, call us today and we’ll get you the information you need!


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Compromise Bars

Compromise Bars, or Compromise Joint Bars, are materials involved in railway applications that affix different sections of rail together while maintaining gage and at the same time keep the alignment of rail surfaces.

As suggested by the name, Compromise Bars help adjust through their design – they typically include 2 separate bars as part of their construction – an inside bar and an outside bar. Each inside and outside bar is designed to fit the exact rail application in question, and come in a variety of different measurements.

At North American Rail Products, we are pleased to carry a wide selection of Compromise Bars, so you know that whatever type of Compromise Bar you need, we’ll have it. If you have any questions about what type of Compromise Bar you might be interested in, the best thing you can do is to give us a call today and we’ll get everything sorted out for you!

See our Bolts & Clips Ordering Guide for more information.

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Pandrol Clips

Also known as Pandrol Rail Fasteners, Pandrol Clips are designed to be utilized in conjuction with Pandrol Plates. North American Rail Products can supply Pandrol Clips in new or relay condition. Pandrol Clips are a fastening system designed for rail applications in the modern age that provide pre-assembled fastening systems that minimize track installation time, and provide much lower maintenance costs versus older, more outdated rail fastening systems. Pandrol clips are a robust solution as a rail fastening system for all types of rail track and rail traffic conditions, due to their design. Through North American Rail Products, you can find the exact type of Pandrol Clips that you need to ensure your track is safe and secure for many years to come!

For more information on our Pandrol Clips and rail fasteners, call us today.


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Portable Derail (Red)

Portable Derails are a rail safety device designed to limit the movement of a car/train beyond a fixed point. Portable Derails are not left in place as are Derails and they are re-usable. NARP supplies new Portable Derails only.

As is the case in common North American practice, derails and portable derails are defaulted to the “On” position, seeing as the consequences of unauthorized or dangerous rail traffic proceeding past a derail position is considerably higher than having such rail traffic proceed with the derail. Considering this, portable derails are an extremely popular rail product, in prevalent use across North America. The bonus of having portable derail products is that they are reusable, and as their name suggests, transferrable to different locations along a given railway.

Portable derails are an essential safety product for all types of railway, and at North American Rail Products, we’re pleased to help you select the portable derail best suited for your applications. Call us today and we’ll help answer any questions you may have about portable derails.



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Hook Twin Tie Plates

Hook Twin Tie plates are used for behind the heel of switches, guard rails and for frogs. Their versatility allows them to fit most rail sections. We supply hook twin tie plates in both new and relay conditions.

The versatility of hook twin tie plates means that they are widely used throughout North America for standard rail sections. Part of their versatility comes from the pre-drilled slotted holes, allowing hook twin tie plates to fit almost any section of rail available in North America. Typically, hook twin tie plates come in three varietes of hooks:

  • Low, or Type L
  • Low Reverse, or Type LR
  • High, Type H

If you think your rail operation needs to replace or add new hook twin tie plates, contact North American Rail Products today. Our rail experts will help explain which type of hook twin tie plates are best suited to your needs, and provide you with exactly what you need.

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Adjustable Rail Braces

Adjustable rail braces are a unique rail material that is designed to adjust for various rail applications. Adjustable rail braces can be adjusted quickly and easily, saving time and money on maintenance and service.

The versatility of adjustable rail braces ensure that they are a required rail products for any modern railway operation. If you have any questions about this or would like to know more about how adjustable rail braces can be applied to fit your needs, contact us at North American Rail Products today.


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