Manny Sousa | Sales Manager | Delta, BC | NA Rail Products

Manny Sousa

Manny Sousa joined North American Rail Products in June, 2014. Similar to many of his colleagues at NARP, his experience in the rail industry is undeniably extensive. Manny began his career in rail in 1984, working as a Tamper Operator at A&B Rail. In 1987, he joined VAE Nortrak where he remained for 27 years. Manny worked his way up the ‘rail ladder’, taking on a variety of positions including Grinder, Frog Fitter, Yardsman, Storekeeper and Shipper; garnering valuable industry experience along the way. He also holds safety certifications as a Certified Forklift and Loader Operator, Arial Boom Lift Instructor and, is Crane trained. In 1991, Manny moved into the supervisory roles at Nortrak. First, he was a Yard/Shipping Supervisor, then a Frog Shop Supervisor. His last position at Nortrak was as an Afternoon Shift Supervisor where he oversaw all production classifications on that shift.

Manny Sousa had been interested in the sales side of the rail business for some time. When the position as Sales Manager came up at NARP, Manny believed that this was his opportunity to begin this new chapter of his rail career. He sees NARP as having a great future ahead. Manny was immediately impressed by the individuals at NARP. They are knowledgeable, experienced and determined to make NARP a major rail supplier. Most importantly, NARP has industry respect because their customers receive product on time and their pricing is competitive and fair. Manny Sousa is excited to be a part of the NARP team. He believes he can add his energy and vision to help grow this already strong rail products company. Manny is personable and listens to the needs and demands of those around him. He understands that much of his success in sales will stem from his ingrained ability to build trusting, strong relationships with both his colleagues and his customers.