Chris Erhart | Regional Sales Manager for Western Canada

Chris Erhart

Before joining North American Rail Products in 2011, Chris Erhart worked for a decade at VAE Nortrak Ltd as the Regional Sales Manager overseeing sales in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest USA and Alaska. It’s this experience that has led him to understand fully that providing excellent customer service is what sells. Chris’ job is to cover sales throughout Canada while also being responsible for purchasing both raw materials and finished goods at both the regional and corporate levels. Chirs also maintains the regional office and storage location in Delta, British Columbia which is staffed with employees that share Chris’ ‘we can do it’ attitude and philosophy. It’s a balancing act: Chris’ ability to react quickly to sales requests and to be able to keep clients mobile while keeping their projects on schedule and on budget allows him to focus on what’s important; the relationship of trust he builds with all his clients. Chris thrives on time sensitive projects that present a wide range of challenges, and his proven ability to ‘think outside the box’ and to consistently find a way to get things done, provides him with a sense of accomplishment.

Chirs believes the rail industry has been strong over the past three years and that the future outlook is strong with large sized projects just on the horizon. These range from passenger LRT traffic, industrial siding and yard development and expansions as well as some large scale Class I railroad rehabilitation, repairs and new construction projects. The oil and gas sector as well as potash are two large focuses for the industrial marketplace, now and in the near future. North American Rail Products offers Chris the flexibility and the corporate support he needs to back his offer of superior customer service. With the tremendous growth potential leading to fantastic opportunities within the industry, NARP and Chris Erhart are excited to be a part of it. Through it all, Chris stands by his plan to become one of the the ‘go-to’ guys in the ‘go-to’ company for railroad related materials in North America.