Chad Cameron | Sales Manager | Argyle MB | NARP

Chad Cameron

Chad Cameron likes a challenge. When Chad first joined NARP in 2014 as Yard Manager, he brought with him a strong background in Inventory Management and Distribution, along with Business Administration training from the Aviation Management program at Red River College.

Chad had years of experience getting inventory where it was needed, when it was needed. The challenge at NARP, he remembers, was getting the inventory to a location 75 miles from nowhere, covered in three feet of mud – and ensuring it arrived at the same time as the client’s work crew.
Over the course of a year, Chad streamlined NARP’s distribution system, changing the way our rail product was picked, packaged and shipped, so that today NARP has the fastest delivery times in Canada.

Chad’s next project was to sort and organize a large yard of relay rail, so that we could expand the number of cost-saving options we offered to clients. During that time, he solidified his rail product knowledge, identifying more than 100 different types of product – hands-on.
After that project was completed, Chad was promoted to Assistant Sales Manager and continued to manage both a portion of the yard and work in-office directly with clients. His calm, “get it done” approach made him an easy-to-work-with problem solver for clients, and a natural fit for NARP’s “can-do” culture.

Today, as Sales Manager, Chad brings a well-rounded perspective to NARP’s customer service. He is able to help both the client and NARP staff at every step of the sales and distribution process, from the warehouse to the client work site. Chad doesn’t see his role as ending once a sale is made, for him it ends when the client receives their product and is satisfied.